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The Middle Fork Project (MFP) is a multi-purpose water supply and hydro-generation project designed to conserve and control waters of the Middle Fork American River, the Rubicon River, and several associated tributary streams. The MFP stores water from rain and snow during the fall and winter months and releases water all year to meet consumptive (municipal, industrial, and agricultural) demands within western Placer County, provides recreational experiences, contributes to the natural resource preservation and enhancement of the river and to generate power for the California electrical grid. The MFP is located within the Middle Fork American River Watershed within Placer County at elevations ranging from approximately 1,100 feet to 5,300 feet.

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Middle Fork Recreation Map
Overview map of the PCWA Middle Fork Project

Board of Directors and Officers of the Middle Fork Project Finance Authority

The MFP Finance Authority Board of Directors consists of 4 members: 2 members from the Placer County Board of Supervisors and 2 members from the Placer County Water Agency Board of Directors.

Board of Directors:
PCWA Director Primo Santini

Primo Santini
District 2

PCWA Director Mike Lee

Mike Lee
District 3

Placer County Supervisor Jim Holmes

Jim Holmes
Placer County
District 3

Placer County Supervisor Cindy Gustafson

Cindy Gustafson
Placer County
District 5


Executive Director: Andrew Fecko, PCWA General Manager

Secretary: Daniel Chatigny, Placer County Executive Officer

Treasurer: Joseph Parker, PCWA Director of Financial Services

Legal Advisor: Elise Nelson, PCWA Legal Counsel

Board Meetings

The MFPFA Board of Directors meets quarterly at regularly scheduled Board meetings on the third Thursday of January, April, July, and October. Upcoming Meeting Agendas can be found on the Agendas page. The Board meetings are held regularly at the PCWA Business Center unless otherwise noted.

PCWA Business Center

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